Our Consented Scheme

Since the application was called in by the GLA in November 2021, we have been working hard to improve and enhance our previous scheme. We are proud to present our consented scheme for the Paddington Green Police Station, which provide improvements across several key areas whilst also adding to the public benefits that the scheme will offer. ​

We are excited at the opportunity to bring forward this site and revitalise this part of the community with new homes, public realm and retail offerings. The existing community understands the current area best and we are therefore very keen to hear your thoughts and feedback on our final scheme.

The below sets out what we have done to make our scheme better:​

Design Progress

One of the reasons that the previous proposals were refused was the perceived impact on some neighbouring homes. To do this we asked our architects to look at the width of all three buildings and we reviewed several different options for schemes, to understand what worked best to improve results. The proposed blocks result in better daylight and sunlight levels to neighbouring schemes and the new public realm. ​​

We have also removed the podium which previously sat between Block K and J which has allowed for better connections and links through from the south into Newcastle Place.​​

We still want to deliver much needed new homes and affordable homes for Westminster. We worked through a number of options for the scheme with different building heights to find what would result in the best composition. Although our proposals have increased in height to a maximum of 39 storeys we strongly believe this reflects the best position in townscape and heritage terms.

Green Spaces and Public Realm​

One of the main benefits of slimming the buildings is the now increased public realm, which provides a 53% increase from previous submission.

We want to create a place for people to meet, families to enjoy including new green spaces, more planting and dedicated play space. Our proposals include stopping up Newcastle Place to all traffic (except emergency vehicles), creating a new green link between Edgware Road and Paddington Green. We would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see in these public spaces. Please click here to submit ideas. ​

With 69% of the proposed site now being new open space, we would like to look at including public art within these new areas. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions of what designs you would like to see. 

Landscape plan
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Indicative CGIs of the public realm

The New Homes

One of the reasons that the scheme was refused in the previous submission was due to the residential quality of the proposed homes; through the improvements to the scheme we have been able to increase our provision of dual aspect homes to 55% (+10%) and eliminate all north facing single aspect homes. Each block now includes two stair cases aligning with emerging fire safety standards. ​​

We are pleased that our proposals present high quality, sustainable homes which cater for all needs. We’ve been able to increase the number of affordable homes that we are providing on site with the focus on increasing the number of genuinely affordable social rented homes. We have also been able to increase the number of family homes provided within the social rented units, in line with Westminster’s housing needs.

  • Increased social rented homes (+17%)​
  • More family homes within the affordable housing (+9% 3-bed+)
  • Increased dual aspect homes (+10%)

A Place for the Community

We really want the new Paddington Green Police Station to be a space where people come together and feel safe. ​

Last time we engaged the community, you said security was very important to you. The proposed stopping up of Newcastle Place will be bringing the space into Berkeley’s maintenance and management, providing improved lighting, new continuous CCTV and ongoing management. ​

The new blocks create links via the new Newcastle Place to the wider area, allowing easier connections through to Church Street, Paddington Green and the City of Westminster College as well as south to the Paddington Basin and beyond. ​​

We have also included a new community space within this scheme and would love to hear your ideas on what it could be used for. 

Responding to Climate Change

We fully support Westminster’s declaration of a Climate Emergency and have been able to make a dramatic improvement in our energy strategy that will allow us to increase our target carbon emission reduction to 60%. This is achieved through the use of Air Source Heat Pumps and renewable energy. ​

The facades of the buildings are optimised with a fabric first approach, ensuring the buildings are efficient in keeping the homes warm through winter and cool through summer. ​

The consented scheme is car free and will promote sustainable transport.

Beautiful open space

We will deliver beautiful public space for the benefit of residents, visitors, and nature. Over 75 new trees are proposed,  and a green corridor through Newcastle Place. We are creating a significant biodiversity net gain and an increase in urban greening, alongside places to site and socialise and an extensive pedestrian network.

Previous scheme

  • 2m gap between Block I and Block J
  • 5m gap between Block H and Block I
  • No play area at Newcastle Place
  • 4,864sqm of public realm

How we’ve improved our proposals

  • 10m gap between Block I and Block J
  • 10m gap between Block H and Block I
  • New play area at Newcastle Place
  • 4,744sqm of protected play space offering at the junction of Paddington Green and Harrow Road

Community Benefits & Regeneration

These proposals will bring significant economic benefits to Paddington Green by regenerating this corner of Paddington. Key benefits from the application for the local area include:

  • 350 permanent jobs will be created
  • Over 10,000 sqft of flexible commercial space
  • Over £20m in CIL and section 106 contributions
  • ASHP led solution with connection to WEG energy centre made for resilience purposes only

Improved Design

Our new proposals have addressed issues raised by Westminster City Council in their decision to refuse permission. This includes 55% of homes being dual or triple aspect, improved sustainability features and a significant amount of increased public realm. The adjacent images show the proposals in more detail focussing on the ground floor plans and a typical residential floorplan.